Pinterest Inspired Bathroom Redo

Here’s something different for you, a post that is NOT about my kiddos! So, I LOVE my house and I love our neighborhood. But our house is SMALL! It was perfect for a young couple, got a little tighter with one kiddo and is even tighter now with two. But as of right now we don’t have the finances or the time to move so we just make do. One room that I thought could use a little reorganization to help make it a little more spacious was our bathroom. I usually bathe both kiddos at once and it really was beginning to feel cramped and annoying. Not to mentioned that we are hopefully on the brink of really getting serious with potty training and the addition of a little potty took up even more space. I took to Pinterest to see what I could find that would work in our little space and then I set out on a hunt around town to find the supplies I needed.

What I felt was taking up the most space was this set of white shelves that were necessary to hold all my “beauty supplies” as well as some bath toys and towels.



I knew I could find a place to put the shelf but I still wanted easy access to the items on the shelf. I wanted to do something with the space above out toilet which was WIDE open.


I was hoping to move the kiddy potty out of it’s current place across from the big potty and into the space occupies by the shelves.


Did you know that some of those over the toilet organizers cost somewhere between $75 and $150? I knew we could do better. I found an image on Pinterest which showed two towel bars above a toilet with baskets hanging from them filled with bathroom supplies. Similar to this:

I knew I we didn’t have quite that much space. I was able to find two similar baskets on sale and Brian helped me pick out and install two towel racks. I hung the baskets using shower hooks.




It fit all of my items perfectly! There were still some items left on the shelf that needed a home. Mainly bath toys and supplies for the kids. I had seen several “pins” that suggested hanging a second curtain rod on the inside of your shower and hanging baskets from that as a means of storage. Well I am here to tell you, it works and it’s an excellent idea!


It’s also a great place to hang my bath mat that I kept draping over the side of the tub where it would drip all over the floor. Now the back doorway of the bathroom was clear and it felt much more spacious!

102_3487  102_3486

102_3488  102_3490

The shelves went into what use to be the shower, we installed a shower head in what use to be just a tub several years ago.


I still have some towels and paper products stored here. Brian says he is going to install real shelves so we can use this space as a linen closet. Then we are going to turn what is now our linen closet into a toy closet! Can’t wait to show you that transformation, when ever that happens. Project sure take a lot longer with kiddos around!

So there you have it! I usually don’t have the desire or motivation to “re do” things in my house but I thought I share with you a little “Pinspiration!”

Everly Laura: 8 Month Update

Well, this year just seems to be going by way to quickly and 8 months seems way to close to 12 months to me! My little sweetie pie just keeps growing and changing with each passing day.


She is sitting up on her own really well! She prefers to be sitting and if you  try to lay her down on her back she flips over to her stomach. She wants to crawl SO BAD! She gets up on hands and knees and rocks back and forth. It is really fun for me to watch. If you recall Hunter didn’t really crawl until he was a year old. I honestly  don’t remember him getting up on hands and knees like that because he army crawled for so long. I know that once Everly does start moving we are in trouble! Of course she wants to get into EVERYTHING her brother has.


She is definitely getting more “fun” and it’s kind of cool to watch Everly and Hunter “play” together. This usually consists of Hunter sitting in front of her and talking to her or playing with her toys. She just thinks he’s hilarious and laughs like crazy! She also finds him very entertaining during meal times.


Solid foods still seem to be going well. The only thing I’ve found that she doesn’t like is apricots. I still am only feeding her only twice a day, I think it’s time to add in lunch. She still gets really upset when she poops! Not really sure what to do about that. I feed her variety of fruits and vegetables that are suppose to help as well as whole wheat baby cereal. We just started yogurt so maybe that will help. I also give her a few sips of water at each meal plus she is still nursing.

Everly has got to meet lots of new friend this summer.  My friend Marianne was home with her twin boys over the 4th of July and so was my friend Becky with her almost three year old little girl. It was so fun to have all the kiddos together.


But definitely hard to get a picture with all of them looking at the camera!

She also got to meet Brian’s friend Trent’s girls all the way from Colorado.


I can remember when these girls were Hunter’s age!

Sleep is still all over the place but over all pretty good. Naps are pretty much 1-2 hours twice a day. She usually goes to bed pretty early between 7:00pm and 7:30. She still wakes up twice most nights. The first time is usually just a few hours after she goes to sleep which is kind of annoying because that’s about the time I’m ready to crash. For the most part she falls asleep on her own, unless she is REALLY tired then she usually drifts off during her final nursing session of the night. A few times we’ve gotten a few 6-8 hour nights and once she help 9 hours and I’m pretty sure she only woke up because I went to check on her, then she went back to sleep until I had to wake her up at 8am.

One of Everly’s favorite times of day is bath time! It’s also a goo opportunity for Hunter to entertain her. I love giving them baths together!


She wasn’t too sure about the kiddie pool though!


Sometimes I just can’t believe how lucky I am so have two precious children. Sure at the end of most days I’m exhausted and I usually get up in the morning wishing I had gotten just a little more sleep. But nothing beats seeing my two sweeties and seeing what the day will bring!


Matching mother and daughter in teal and purple!

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Back to Green

DISCLOSURE: this post is part of a compensated project I’m doing with Kiss Me Organics. I was provided the product, but the opinions shared here are 100% honest and absolutely my own.

As I shared with you a few months back I have been trying to get back into a healthy groove, cleaning up my eats and getting more activity. One way I’ve done this to bring back The Green Smoothie! Green smoothies have been a mainstay in my diet for the past four years and with the warmer weather they are the perfect breakfast for a busy mom plus a good way to get some veggies in at the start of the day.

Kiss Me Organics reached out me and asked me if I wanted to try their green tea matcha powder. 


I am always up for trying something new. Kiss Organic’s Matcha can be used  in much more than smoothies. They even gave me a free online recipe book with other ideas for use of their product. I haven’t had a chance to try any of the recipes but check out Katy’s post where she shares a recipe for a green tea latte. I used this product in several smoothies. It came in handy when I didn’t have any spinach on hand (my “green” of choice) but still wanted a little extra kick to my fruit smoothie.


I found with this product that a little goes a long way. I put about a tsp. in my smoothie. I noticed a slight taste but nothing too over powering.


The only complaint I have about the product is that it gets all over my hands when I scoop it out of the bag. As far as the products promises of “all day energy,  metabolism boost, increased focus,” I couldn’t really say if they held true but I know I did feel a little better putting something with an added “kick” in my smoothies.


Anything to keep this busy mom going!


I don’t often get to do product reviews. Thanks to Kiss Me Organics for the opportunity!

Everly Laura: 7 Month Update

Wow! 7 months! Some how this seems more momentous to me than 6 months because it means Everly is closer to turning 1 that she was than to the day she was born!


A few milestones were met this past month. I don’t think I’ve got a good picture but Miss Everly is sporting two little teeth! She has been (and still is) chewing on everything. I can’t really say that she was overly fussy while teething and one day there one tooth was and then the other!

Eating solids foods seems to be going well.


She gets VERY excited when she sees the spoon coming towards her and she really seems to enjoy the taste of foods after she has tried them a bit. What she does not like is those foods coming out the other end! Definitely a different sensation than breast milk poos! She cries and scrunches her face up! It is is so sad! So far she has eaten.

  • Banana
  • Apple sauce
  • Baby oatmeal
  • Peas
  • Peaches
  • Pears
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Prunes

So far I have only been feeding her at breakfast and dinner and mostly pureed store bought food.

Sleep is ok. We still struggled for a few weeks with her getting up every two hours and lots of tears at bed time and nap time. Now she is falling asleep on her own a lot easier (a lot less crying!), taking some pretty good naps on most days, and sleeping for longer chunks at night, falling back asleep easily after I nurse her. Still no nice long 6-8 hours stretches and I am longing for a “good nights sleep” but I’m just going to let things take their course, much like I did with Hunter. We are no longer using a swaddle and Everly definitely prefers to sleep on her stomach.

Everly went on her first road trip this past month and did GREAT! She didn’t sleep much but was happy to sit in her car seat and play with the toys I handed her.







As part of this road trip Everly also went to the zoon for the first time! Although I don’t think she really cared much about the animals she sure had fun hanging out with Grandma Chi Chi


She is doing much better at sitting up on her own but I still don’t trust her to do it alone.


She is as always my little sweetie pie! I just love her so much! Can’t wait to see what the next month has in store for us!

102_3398  102_3399

102_3400                            102_3403  

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What we do when we’re 2: Part 1!

You all know how much I love my little man and there is no way I could stop posting about him completely! I hope to do a post about him every couple of months! Can you believe he’s been 2 for a quarter of a year already?!

Two is such a crazy age! One minute I’ve got my sweet little boy who brings his sister a toy when she’s upset the next he’s having a screaming crying fit because I want him to eat something on his plate!


A lot the time I don’t think he gives a hoot about his baby sister but now that she is getting older and a lot more fun he interacts with her a little more. In the morning if both she and he are awake at the same time he asks if she can come and lay in his crib with him.


He then proceeds to give her one of his “buddies” and then yells at her saying, “No! That’s mine!” Yeah….we are still working on sharing!

My boy LOVES to read! Once he turned two we were able to go to toddler story time at the library. At first he was really shy but by the end of the 6 week session he was standing up by the librarian as she read the stories and sang the songs. Another way that we combated the loooooong winter was to head to the Children’s Museum. My mom has a friend who graciously let us be her guests several times on Thursday mornings.

Photo   Photo

That place was made for Hunter! It has trains, boats, helicopters, trucks and more! Again, he was a little hesitant being in a new place but the last time we were there it was all I could do to chase him throughout the three floors of exhibits. He loved it!

FINALLY the weather turned nice. Last summer I had dreams of playing with Hunter in the park and running around with him in our back yard but since he wasn’t walking yet our trips outside were rather tame. Now a day doesn’t go by that he doesn’t ask to play outside or go to the park!



He loves playing with the sand table from Grandma and Grandpa Cuckoo’s house!


He also recently has had a crazy obsession with pinwheels! He saw one in a neighbor’s yard and didn’t stop talking about it. During one of our walks around the neighborhood we found a house with TONS of pinwheels in their yard.


He’s still so very very verbal! He chatters on and on. He LOVES Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and will often tell you about one of the episodes repeating details that I don’t even remember. He is also getting very creative and imaginative. He will act out episodes from Mickey with his toys. He spent several days playing with this box which he told me was a boat!


Because he’s so verbal he is quick to tell you what he likes and dislikes. Especially when it comes to food! He is quite the picky eater but he does love his sweets!


A couple of firsts over these past few months. Hunter had his first “puking” incident. It was AWFUL! Let’s just say I was holding him when it happened! Worse though was how sad and miserable to he was!

He also got to color Easter eggs for the first time


And catch his first fish!


I love watching my little man grow an change! Hunter still sleeps in a crib and potty training seems to be at a stand still but it is all good. I am enjoying my guy in the moment and loving TWO even on the days when he doesn’t nap!


It is such a joy to experience the world through his eyes! Thanks for keeping life interesting little man!

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Everly Laura 6 Month Update

Boy! Did that half of year sure fly by! I remember when Everly was born, just as the seasons changed from Fall to Winter and I thought to myself, “She’ll be half a year in May.” These warm Spring days seemed so far away but here we are!


At her 6 month appointment Everly weighed in at 18lbs 1oz. and was 27 inches long. Hunter wasn’t this size until he was 9 months old! Yet Everly dropped from the high 90 percentiles into the mid 80 percentiles. She just feel so solid to me! It’s hard for me to even remember what she was like as a itty bitty newborn.

102_3457 102_3960

                                                    3 days old vs. 6 month olds

Shortly after she turned 6 months I started introducing solid foods. She seems very excited when the spoon comes towards her mouth but then she makes a face once the food gets into her mouth.

102_4015   102_4016

102_4017   102_4018

With Hunter I was super excited to make my own baby food. I am sad to say that this time around I just don’t think I can do it! It takes so much time! Poor second child! Oh well, I will try not to beat myself up about it. I will still try and do some of the same “fresh foods” that I did with Hunter such as banana, avocado, sweet potato fries (when she is older) and broccoli bites (also when she is older).

Sleep has been all over the place lately! I felt like for awhile she was actually falling asleep on her own for bedtime and then would wake up (usually when I entered the room to go to bed) I would nurse her and she would go back to sleep for 6-8 hours. It was glorious! Now, not so much! We are back to the screaming and crying at bedtime and couple of nights she has been up every 2 hours! I know that since she is breastfed that she still probably needs to eat at night but I am just afraid of creating a sleep association. I try to let her fuss a bit but it is hard to listen to since I am in the room. If I nurse her she usually falls back to sleep pretty quickly and I can get her in the crib no problem. Part of the challenge is we are trying to get her out of her swaddle since she breaks free of it but she can’t seem to calm herself at night without it. Naps are also hit or miss. At daycare she naps for hours upon end and doesn’t need a swaddle. At home she sometimes cries sometimes just talks, is able to put herself to sleep and sleeps anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour.


Definitely frustrating at the moment but I know it can only get better… right?

She is still working on sitting unassisted (so close!) and can easily roll from back to tummy but not tummy to back (also contributes to the sleep issue!).

Some of her favorite things:

  • Her brother (of course!)


  • Bath time
  • Blowing raspberries
  • Grabbing her feet
  • Putting anything and everything in to her mouth (still no teeth!)

Things she doesn’t like:

Not much! She is such a happy smiley little girl. Even if she hasn’t gotten a lot of sleep she is pretty easy going and can usually be calmed with a kiss and a tickle!

Having a second child is so much fun! I think it’s because you kind of know what to expect and you know that despite the sleepless nights things will get better. It has been so much fun watching Hunter become the little boy he is today and I enjoy watching Everly’s personality shine through more and more each day.


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Whatever Happened to The Girl With The Pink Sneakers?

When I started my blog over four (FOUR!) years ago I was at a very different point in my life. In fact, one of the main reasons I started it was my husband and I were dealing with infertility. Doctors pretty much told us that we would not be able to have children on our own. I don’t remember why but for some reason, at that time, we decided not to pursue any medical intervention to help us have a child. I guess we decided to just put the whole thing on hold and see if nature would take its course. I had been following several healthy living bloggers and was inspired by their stories of clean eating, mindful eating, race recaps, and more. I wanted to write about my own healthy living journey. I wanted to stop focusing on the fact that we couldn’t start our family. I started grad school, was teaching several fitness classes, and decided to train for an Olympic distance triathlon and two half marathons. I enjoyed writing about my daily efforts to live better and be healthy. That’s how “The Girl With The Pink Sneakers” was born. It was a good distraction, something fun and creative to do. It kept me motivated to live a healthy lifestyle and achieve my fitness goals. Other people told me they enjoyed reading about my joys and struggles. They even told me I was an inspiration.

I remember at some point after the Disney Half Marathon I had dreams in my head about running a full marathon but in the back of my mind was still that undeniable desire and yearning to be a mom. We decided to go back to the doctors and see what needed to be done to achieve this goal and if we couldn’t have children of our own then we needed to decide where to go from there. I didn’t write about any of these struggles because they felt very personal at the time. I still continued to live and write about my own personal health and fitness. By God’s grace and blessings we finally got pregnant (naturally!) and I continued to write about how I was having a healthy pregnancy and still being fit and active.

Well, after my precious Hunter was born our lives took a dramatic shift and so did my own personal health and fitness. I gained 40 lbs. when I was pregnant. 20 of those pounds fell off instantly but the remaining 20 seemed to hang on for good even though I was exclusively nursing. I started to get back into a fitness routine and even ran a 5K but it was SO HARD to fit exercise in. On many of the blogs that I started reading way back when the women have had children and seem to get right back into their fit and active lifestyles completing triathlons, marathons pursuing goals of becoming fitness instructors and more. They also seemed to get right back into their pre-pregnancy jeans! Weight loss has never been easy for me and this was no exception. Once Hunter turned a year old I started getting back into the swing of things as far as healthy eating and exercise goes. But then, much to my joy and surprise I found out I was pregnant again!

Here I am today, almost six months after my sweet Everly was born, still clinging on to 20 of the 40 lbs. I gained with her. I haven’t formally exercised since the yoga class I went to the day before she was born.

To be honest I am really struggling to find some semblance of “The Girl With the Pink Sneakers.” Of course I don’t expect to be working out 5-6 times a week including teaching fitness classes and training for some race. But it would be nice to do SOMETHING!  I honestly don’t miss that lifestyle. It was a good distraction from the maddening fact that I wasn’t a mom. I feel lucky that I am able to only work part time so when I am not working I want to spend time with my kids. I don’t want to drop them off in some child care room so I can work out. I want to be with THEM. The little free time I do have is usually spent trying to catch up on housework (my house is a mess!) or other chores. Or sometimes I am just plain exhausted and all I want to do is sit on my couch and veg out.

All that being said I know how important being healthy is and now I have the ultimate reason to be healthy, my children! I don’t want to be the mom that sits on the park bench and watches her kids play on the playground because I am too out of shape to play with them. I want to be around for when my children have children. I want to be a good example of what healthy is to my kids. I want to feel good about myself and have the reflect outward so my children know what it means to have a positive self image.

The big questions that looms over my head right now is, “how the heck am I going to do this?” Exercise is the biggest challenge right now. I know all it takes is 30 minutes a day BUT if you work up a good sweat then you have to figure in showering time too. Since I am pumping at work I take a lot of time out of my work day to do that and I don’t feel it is ethical to take more time (like a long lunch break) for exercise. Everly is still not on a consistent sleeping schedule so early mornings are tough and I am usually exhausted once both kids are in bed for the night (and Everly doesn’t always stay asleep!). Nap time is a possibility (if they both nap at the same time) but I am finding it hard to find space in our little house to actually do any type of work out. I have been doing a squat, push up, plank challenge during the month of May and that has been a good start but I need to devise a plan to keep it going. Everly still naps a lot but I think I will try my hardest to get in activity with both kids while they are awake and also utilize nap time once I can clear a space to actually do exercise in!

I have started to “clean up” my eating over the past three weeks and am amazed at how a few simple changes have made a difference (I’ve lost almost 6lbs!). I started tracking my calorie intake with and that has been a good way for me to stay within healthy calorie range and not affect my milk supply. In fact I think that because I am eating more whole, less processed food my supply has actually increased. In addition to my fitness challenge for May I’m doing a “no” cookie, candy, doughnut, cake, ice cream challenge except for one serving once a week. I was going to throw alcohol in there as well but don’t really imbibe that much any way.

I know that Rome wasn’t built in a day and I didn’t become “The Girl With The Pink Sneakers” overnight. I just need to keep working at it until I can find “The Mama With The Pink Sneakers!” I am doing this for so much more than my skinny jeans. I’m doing it for the two precious loves of my life!