A Day In the Life With 2 Under 2

Hello there! I thought it would be fun to show you what a day in my life at home with my two little ones is like. I know I always like to read other people’s descriptions of what goes on in there day to day life so I thought you would too. Or maybe I thought this would be a good way to explain why I have dark circles under my eyes! Just kidding….well, kind of.

Monday January 13, 2014

My day starts VERY early at 3:30am BUT I have actually been sleeping since 9:30pm! This is the longest Everly has ever slept, 6 hours, and it is glorious! I change her, feed her, burp her, change her again (she pooped!) finish feeding her and she drifts off to sleep. By now it is 4:45am and I lay down and try to get some sleep.

I get a little more rest before I hear Hunter stirring at 6:30am. I look over and even though Everly is making noise she appears to be asleep so I go get Hunter up out of his crib and change his diaper. Of course he is chattering a mile a minute. While I am doing this I hear Everly crying. I go back and get her and change her.

We all head out to the living room so I can nurse Everly and Hunter can play with his toys. Hunter shows me all his animals and trucks and surprisingly Everly drifts back to sleep. I hesitate to lay her down since she is not swaddled but I figure it is worth a try. She stays asleep so I head to the kitchen to prepare breakfast It is now 7:30am.

Breakfast is easy, a muffin and banana for Hunter and cereal and milk for me. I also decide to try something new at breakfast, pumping! I figure I better start building up a stash for when Everly goes to day care. I pump the side she didn’t nurse on while I eat breakfast. I am kind of surprised and disappointed that I get less than 2 oz. but I don’t have time to worry as Hunter is done with his breakfast.

I take advantage of Everly sleeping to throw together dinner in the crockpot. I think I might just have time to clean up the kitchen but I hear Everly waking. It is  8am Hunter and I go to get her. She seems kind of happy so I try to put her in the bouncy seat while I play with Hunter but she wants to be held. While I am holding her she poops and needs a full on wardrobe change.

At 8:45am Everly eats again. It is a surprisingly nice day so I decide to try something else new, our first group walk! I get Hunter all bundled up, put Everly in the Ergo, put on a giant coat so Everly is covered, get the dog on her leash and head out. We do our usual “loop” which I haven’t done in AGES! Everly promptly falls asleep and Hunter and Izzy have a blast enjoying the fresh air and checking out what is new in the neighborhood.

We get back around 9:45. I play with Hunter while Everly keeps sleeping in  the Ergo. She wakes up about an hour later and is still pretty happy so we keep playing until she wants to eat again at 11:00am. After she finishes eating I get lunch ready for Hunter and myself. While we are eating lunch Everly gets fussy. I am able to swaddle her and sooth her to sleep or so I think! She wakes up two more times before I finally am able to settler her down for a GOOD nap at 2pm.

In between soothing Everly I help Hunter finish up lunch, we play for awhile and I am able to get him settled down for his nap. He goes right to sleep at 1pm which is amazing since he has been fighting his nap lately.

Hunter wakes up at 2:45pm which means I got about 45 minutes to myself at during which I tried to write this post and something else but I can’t remember now( I think it was finally cleaning up the kitchen)!

Hunter is up but still a little crabby and sleepy so I take advantage of not having to take care of a baby and get some cuddle time with my boy while we watch an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Brian comes home from work about 3:30pm but he has to leave to take Izzy for a vet appointment.

After Mickey Everly is still sleeping so I get Hunter a snack. Everly wakes up about 4:20pm. After this things get a little fuzzy because I stopped taking notes. I am sure that Brian and I tag teamed eating dinner, feeding Hunter, soothing Everly, and entertaining Hunter once he was done eating. I seem to recall that I knew that Everly needed at least one last cat nap before going to bed for the night but I was unable to get her to sleep for that catnap and she was crabby! I am sure Brian played with Hunter while I tried to sooth her. I can’t remember if Hunter had a bath that night or not but I am sure one of us (probably Brian since I was dealing with Everly) got him ready for bed and he was probably down for the night by 8pm.

In an ideal world Everly would have gone to sleep between 8pm and 10pm and I seem to recall that was the beginning of some rough nights. I think I was able to get her to sleep at 10pm and which point I crashed BUT she wouldn’t stay asleep for more than an hour so that is why things got fuzzy!

So that’s my day in a nutshell! We are slowly settling into the “new normal.” We don’t seem to do much but yet I feel so busy! If I do get both kids to nap at the same time (like today!) it feels heavenly!

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Hunter James 22 Month Update: 2 Til 2!

Oh my sweet little Hunter boy! This sure has been a month of adjustments for all of us. Overall I would say things have gone pretty well. Hunter is still my bright, funny, chatty, smart, first born son. It is so crazy for me to think that at this time last year we weren’t even expecting Everly. I know in my mind I was already celebrating making it through the first year as a parent and had no clue that a year later I would have TWO children!

Going from one to two children has been a big change and as I mentioned in Everly’s post we still haven’t found that “new normal” but we are getting there. One of the things that is hardest on me (and I’m sure on Hunter) is I can not give Hunter my full attention any more. I try SO hard on the days I am home with both children to give him my full attention when Everly is napping but sometimes it feel like I barely get to play with him or snuggle him. Brian and I have also been tag teaming the bath/bedtime routine. If Everly is content (sleeping) Brian holds her (so she doesn’t wake up!) and I take care of Hunter. Otherwise all I get is a quick kiss good night. I am so glad that in the months leading up to Everly’s birth that I took the time to really appreciate my time with him.


As a result of this Hunter has become very attached to his daddy. They always had a good relationship but now even more so! In the weeks after Everly’s birth when Brian was also on leave he took over the majority of Hunter duties. He came up with all sorts of fun activities to do, like visit daddy’s den and look at all the “dead things.” Hunter asks every day (several times a day) if he can “see deer horns.” Brian has also taught him the names of different fish he has mounted. It about cracked me up when I was giving Hunter his bath and he told me he was fishing for perch, and then bass.


The newest set of “deer horns.”

I think he is getting more and more attached to his baby sister. The first time I took him to daycare I got him in the car first and he got very upset that Everly was not with us (she was in our house in the car seat and then I went to get her). If he hears her crying after a nap he says, “Baby Everly awake! Let’s go!” and then proceeds to rush off towards our room. He then bursts through the door and says, “Hi Everly!” He loves to give her “gentle kisses.” And if he’s playing with a truck and Everly is around he says, “No trucks on baby!” I also let him pick out her outfit for the day and sometimes even helps me give her a bath.

We are still working on being gentle with baby and I have had to give Hunter his first time out (and several after that) for not listening when I asked him to be gentle with Everly. I know that even if we had not had another child we would be entering some new territory as far as behavior goes. He is getting more and more independent every day and I know that it is up to us to teach him right from wrong to not only keep him safe but others too.


For the most part he doesn’t seem to mind when I am spending time with Everly and I know that he can play independently but the minute I sit down to nurse her he wants to be by me. I try to situate myself so I can read to him while nursing but it isn’t always the most peaceful or comfortable experience. It seems to make him happy!

As always sleep has been an issue. There was VERY early wake ups right after Everly was born and his naps are always hit or miss. I definitely don’t think that he is done taking naps because he is clearly so tired if he doesn’t get one. He just has a really hard time settling down during the day. He just can’t shut his brain off. If he doesn’t nap he gets so frustrated and upset by the little things. We always put him to bed early if he hasn’t had a nap and he passes right out, sometimes before we even get him in his crib. It pains me to see him this tired but I don’t really know what else to do.

He is so so so very smart! He talks from the moment he gets up to the moment he goes to sleep and I think I have even heard him talking in his sleep! His mind is like a steel trap! We had a book from the library that based on the children’s song, “One two buckle my shoe.” If we say the numbers (i.e. One, two) Hunter will complete the sentence. He can count to twenty, identify almost all his colors, and know a TON of shapes. He can even identify an octagon! I am amazed at how much he learns every day. No wonder he can’t sleep!


He is still walking like a champ. I wouldn’t say he is graceful or coordinated by any means but he is walking. He also is climbing on our sofas now which is something he didn’t do before.

Christmas this year was a whirlwind! We definitely did not put has much time and effort into it as last year due to the new baby. I hope Hunter forgives us! I could tell that this year he got more into the whole present opening thing but for the most part he didn’t seem to notice that it was any different than a normal day. He just got to see his cousins, aunts and uncles, and grandparents. Plus he got lots of new toys!


Still not a fan of Santa!


Or playing in the snow!


But he loves Christmas cookies!


We did take him to experience Bethlehem (when we weren’t playing the Holy Family) and he LOVED the live animal and talked about how he got to pet a sheep for days after. Can’t wait to take him to a zoo this summer! When he saw the “baby Jesus” he looked over at Everly (who I was carrying at the time) then at the baby and proclaimed, “A different one!” It was too funny!


I look forward to continuing to watch him grow in his role as big brother and see how his unique personality shines through everyday! He’ll always be the baby that made me a mom!

Everly Laura: 1 Month Update..er… 6 Week Update

*I started writing this on the day Everly turned 1 month but then the holidays came along and poof! Now she’s bit older!

I can hardly believe it has been a whole month 6 weeks since our little one came into the world! I know when Hunter was born it felt like time speeded up and now it feels like it has gone into hyper drive!


I have to laugh at myself. I have been rereading the updates I did on Hunter when he was the same age as Everly. When Hunter was 1 month old I thought he should be and could be on some type of schedule. I read on some blog about The Baby Whisperer and got that book which recommends putting baby on a 3 hour schedule during the day in which baby eats, has awake time and then sleeps. I thought this was something I HAD to do. I now know that all babies are different and this is just not possible for all babies plus most babies aren’t ready for any type of schedule until they are a bit older. As far as Everly goes we just kind of role with the punches. I feed her when she seems hungry and sooth her to sleep when she seems tired (she has much better sleep cues than Hunter did) or sometimes she falls asleep on her own. I was also keeping track of Hunter’s every feeding, diaper change and sleep time with an app on my iPod. Haven’t even thought of doing that with Everly. I might do this later when I do decide to try some type of schedule with her, just so I can see if there is a pattern.


Our little girl is growing and growing! In my two week update I wrote that Everly was back up to her birth weight plus some. I took her in a few days ago because of a terrible rash on her face,  shoulders, and back. Turns out to be nothing major just something some babies get. At the appointment they weighed her and she was 11lbs 9oz! She is definitely a good eater and I sometimes I feel like I feed her ALL. THE. TIME! But I guess that is ok as long as she is happy and growing!


5 Days Old


1 Month Old, what difference!

I think (hope?) that Everly is going to be a better sleeper than her brother. At first it seemed this way. We never enjoyed the sleepy newborn stage with Hunter. Everly on the other hand seemed to sleep a lot during the first month of her life. She also seemed to have her nights and days mixed up and I would often find myself having a little two hour party between midnight and 2am! Now that she is growing out of that newborn stage she does seem to be sleeping less. Many nights, right around 9pm when I am exhausted and ready for bed she revs up and doesn’t end up going to sleep until 11pm! For the most part she sleeps for two hours at a time (last night we had a 4 hours stretch!) but sometimes she sleeps for only 30 minutes and then I have to sooth her back for some real sleep. Naps are hit or miss. Now that she is older she sometimes only naps for 30 minutes or so but other times she naps for hours! Still very unpredictable. For the most part I either rock or nurse her to sleep. I have seen her fall asleep on her own a few times but I have definitely not given any thought to sleep training. All in good time. This time around I’m not stressing out too much about sleep. I know this is just how things are for awhile and then they get better. Sure I am SUPER tired and my house is a mess because I choose napping over cleaning but oh well!


I’m still experimenting with how Everly likes to sleep. For about a week I had her sleeping unswaddled in her Rock ‘N Play but then I tried moving her to the Pack ‘N Play and thought she would prefer being swaddled since it’s a bigger space. The two nights she’s done a longer stretch of sleep was swaddled in the Rock N’ Play. I think we’ll stick with that for now but she is almost outgrowing it!

Probably the coolest thing that our little Everly has gotten to do during her short little life was just before she turned one month old she got to play baby Jesus. Every four years Brian’s parent’s church puts on this amazing event called Bethlehem. They recreate the town of Bethlehem the day after Jesus was born. Guests travel through the city and see what as life of like during the time of Jesus. The final stop is the manager to see the Christ child.


As a child I had gone to Bethlehem and thought it was so cool! I have also gone in the more recent years since dating and marrying Brian. I was so thrilled to find out they would be having Bethlehem this year and even more thrilled to find out they needed families to play the Holy Family.


It was a really special experience. People were so amazed to see a live baby. I think it also helped people to remember the true meaning of Christmas.


Another important event in Everly’s short life was that she was baptized.


We were able to celebrate this with Brian’s sister and family as they were still in town for the holidays.



I still feel like we are adjusting to life with two little ones and with the craziness of the holidays we haven’t really settled into a routine. I have six more weeks until I go back to work so I am hoping things start being a little more predictable by then.


Sometimes I still can’t believe how lucky I am to have two beautiful children that are mine! Some days I feel really overwhelmed with two under two but other days I feel like a rock star mom juggling everything. I love being a mom and feel so blessed to have these little ones to care for!


An update on Hunter coming soon!

Everly’s First Two Weeks: “This Ain’t My First Rodeo Cowboy!”

Hi there! I have no idea where the quote in my title came from but it totally expresses how very DIFFERENT the first two weeks with Everly have felt compared to Hunter’s first two weeks. I reread what I wrote about that time in my life and even though I was honest on this blog about the challenges I was facing I don’t think I was completely honest about how overwhelmed I felt. Even though I was happier than I have ever been I also felt like those two weeks were kind of dark time. I was so lost, everything seemed so new and hard! Even Brian remembers how I was basically a zombie and how he basically fed me while I sat on the couch trying to figure out how to care for my baby.

Experience and time have definitely made these last two weeks a bit easier. Also, Everly is a different baby than Hunter. Hunter seemed to have a really hard time adjusting to life outside the womb. He cried a lot and it was really hard to sooth him. Everly has adjusted so much quickly. She usually only cries when she is hungry or gassy. She falls asleep (and usually stays asleep) after nursing or with a little jiggling and bouncing. She is nursing so much better than Hunter was and I am actually having an overactive supply this time around (which does cause a few feeding problems but nothing to be concerned about). At her 2 week appointment today I found out she has gained 1.5lbs since birth and grown 2.5 inches! Usually they hope that by 2 weeks babies are back to their birth weight!


I know for a fact that I did not leave the house during Hunter’s first two weeks of life except to go to the doctor’s. In Everly’s short 18 days of life she has been to the doctor twice, been to a wake, gone to grandma and grandpa Johnson’s house, gone to the library, attended a children’s Christmas party, took a trip to the mall, and to the pharmacy!


Don’t get me wrong it hasn’t been all sunshine and roses! The sleep deprivation is as bad as I remember! Miss Everly still has her days and nights mixed up. She could sleep all day if we let her and then loves to stare at us in the wee hours of the night. But things are getting better. One challenge we have at night is after I feed her and lay her down in the bassinet she grunts and generally seems uncomfortable. I am attributing this to reflux and gas. She doesn’t spit up that much but I can tell she “burps up” stuff by the noises and faces she makes. Most of the time she sleeps through this but I am still awake due to all her noise! Thinking about having her sleep in a Rock N’ Play which will elevate her head. I’m also not sure if she likes to be swaddled. Swaddling Hunter was the only way to calm him down. If I don’t swaddle Everly she flays her arms around and hits the side of the bassinet waking herself up. But when she is swaddled she seems to fight it. At first I was REALLY relaxed with her sleeping situation and even let her sleep in the bed with me (she seemed to really like this and slept really well on her side) BUT I just don’t feel it is safe.


The hardest part for me right now is adjusting to life with a newborn AND a busy toddler. I really miss the little daily routine Hunter and I had down. Brian has done an awesome job taking over a lot of the Hunter responsibility but I still really miss it and I can tell the different routine has affected Hunter (more on this in another post). Right now am I just giving it time and I know that we will fall into a new routine eventually.


That’s all from me for now! So glad I have many more weeks of maternity leave left and Brian still has almost 2 weeks at home too!

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Everly’s Birth Story

After giving birth twice now I can honestly say that labor and delivery are a surreal experience. It is also the most physically and mentally challenging things I have every had to go through and I’ve done triathlons and half marathons. I want to write about this experience because I want something to remember this amazing experience and I know that when I was pregnant I enjoyed reading other people’s birth stories. Everly’s story has some similarities to Hunter’s but as Brian said, “Hunter’s birth was a marathon, Everly’s was a 5K” and I am sure you will see why!

If you want a refresher of Hunter’s Birth Story check out these posts:

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Hunter’s Birth Story Part 3

Thursday morning started out like any other. I had actually skipped my Wednesday night Youth Ministry program because I was feeling so miserable from my cold (and being extremely pregnant). I actually got a good night’s sleep and was ready to spend the day with my boy! I got up and I did feel “different.” The baby felt really low in my pelvis but other than that no symptoms. I thought to my self, I wonder if this could be the day, or maybe I’ll have another Friday baby!

I went about my day. I went to my regular yoga class which felt REALLY good considering how big and uncomfortable I was feeling in general. It was a good day spent with Hunter playing and hanging out. He decided to skip a nap but it was ok, it meant extra snuggles in the afternoon. Because of not napping Hunter went to bed pretty early and Brian and I settled on to the couch to catch up on some DVRed shows.

Brian hadn’t been sleeping well so he drifted off to sleep pretty early. At about 8pm I felt what I thought was a contraction. A while later I felt another one. I was pretty sure “this was it” but nothing regular or painful was happening so I decided to head to bed and try to read waiting to see what happened. I didn’t wake Brian because if this really was labor I wanted him to get some rest.

While I was reading the contractions seemed to get pretty consistent but not to painful. I decided to time them and they were between 6 and 8 minutes apart sometimes lasting a minute sometimes less. The rule thumb is 5 minutes apart, lasting a minute or more for an hour. I was even able to drift off to sleep a few times between contractions but not for long. I woke up and kept reading and timing them. About 1 am Brian noticed my light on (he had been sleeping on the couch) and he came in to ask what was up. I told him I was pretty sure I was in labor but I wanted to wait it out. By then I had reached the “rule of thumb” we called the hospital and the nurse said I could come in or continue to do what I was doing until they became 3 minutes apart. I decided to stay at home because they really weren’t that bad. Brian got dressed, I took a shower and got dressed, we called Brian’s parents so they could come over and stay with Hunter.

Around 4am Brian said he thought we should go. I still wasn’t sure, the contractions were getting closer together but they really weren’t that bad. He pointed out that once we got there it would take awhile to get checked in and up to the maternity ward so I agreed with him and we left. I was honestly hoping I could labor at home until Hunter woke up so I could say good bye to him (Ha! Everly was born at 6:32am, he usually doesn’t wake up until 6:30!). When we exited the house I saw the freshly fallen snow and said, “We never bought Hunter boots.” Then I started crying, knowing how our life was going to change, especially for Hunter.

We got to the hospital and I calmly walked into the emergency room (where you have to go if it is after hours) and pronounced that I was in labor. The women working thought I was pretty funny and said they could tell I had done this before.  I still felt silly being there. By the time I got to the hospital with Hunter the contractions were pretty painful, I had to stop several times walking to the maternity ward to get through them and here was this time talking and joking with the hospital staff! They wheeled me up to labor and delivery, I maybe had 1 or 2 contractions in that time.

Once there I was taken to a triage room and  put on a monitor to check baby’s heart rate and monitor my contractions. By this time it was almost 5am. I joked with Brian that we could actually watch the early morning news (we use to always watch this before Hunter but now we have to be quiet in the morning). We were waiting for a the on call doctor to check my progress. After awhile the nurse said the doctor was busy so she would check me. I was about 3-4 centimeters and 75% effaced (if you don’t know what the means it’s not much). I was actually about the same when I came in with Hunter. The nurse said we would wait an hour to see if I progressed any more and then decide if I would actually get admitted and moved to a delivery room.

By 5:50am the contractions were getting stronger and closer together almost a minute a part,  we called the nurse to see what was going on. She came back and said that in about 25 minutes the doctor would come in and check me. As soon as she left I had a terrible and painful contraction. I had no qualms about getting some pain management at this time. I was comparing my labor with my previous experience and I knew that if they were this painful and would last as long as Hunter’s labor I would need something. So we called the nurse back and asked if she could check me again, right away.

For some reason she had a hard time figuring out where I was at and called another nurse in. All this time the contractions were coming faster and faster and were more and more painful. After some deliberation the nurses said I was 100% effaced and 8cm. So, in less than an hour I went from 3-8, for those of you who don’t know that is REALLY fast!

I asked about an epidural and the nurse said, “Oh honey, there isn’t time. Once your water breaks it’s going to be time to push.” They were going to move me to a delivery room and maybe try and get me in a tub to relieve the pain. I thought to myself, “Oh no! When this happened with Hunter he wasn’t born for three more hours!” I just didn’t know if I could stand the pain for that long.  Just as I thought this a MAJOR contraction hit me, my water broke and I double over the bed in pain. This was at 6:10am The nurses had me climb into bed on my hands and knees and that is just where I would stay until Everly was born.

At this point things got a little blurry for me. Brian says one of the nurses was shouting down the hallway for people to come and bring carts and tools, etc..( Remember I never actually made it to a delivery room and was still in the triage room) I guess there were a ton of people in the room but the only people I focused on was a nurse, Katie and Brian who were standing at the head of the bed holding my hands. At that point I started pushing with each contraction. Just like the last time it was unlike any workout I have ever done. I was making some crazy noises and just trying to breathe in between pushes. The nurses said I was going a good job! During each push I would bury my head in the bed close my eyes and focus all my energy on pushing that baby out. At some point my doctor arrived but I believe when they told me this I said, “I don’t care, I just want my baby out.” They kept telling me she was almost there but I just didn’t believe it! Sure enough, after a few really good pushes I felt my baby girl come into the world and I was filled with relief! It was only 20 minutes after my water broke. Again, it just amazed me how instant that relief is and how quickly the pain was over once the baby is born.

Of course the best part was when they laid her on my chest! She was crying like crazy and so was Brian and I. The doctors continued to work on me, I guess I did have a small tear, but nothing like with Hunter. After all drama and pain of labor this last part feels like nothing!

I am so glad that we left for the hospital when Brian suggested. Things sure went fast from there. I have to admit that even though I had been through labor before I was a little nervous about it this time because I didn’t feel like I was in as good as shape as last time but I guess having gone through it once before my body knew what to do. I also feel like I am recovering much quickly. I never took pain medication after delivery. Dare I say 5 days later I almost feel “normal” again.

I feel very fortunate to have had another healthy pregnancy and another natural delivery. Even though during both births I asked about epidurals I feel pretty proud that I was able to so it with out drugs. My friend who is an OBGYN said that’s pretty rare. I seem to recall that not long after’s Hunter’s birth I thought, “That wasn’t so bad, I could do that again.” Even though this delivery was much quicker (no less painful!) I did not have this same thought. I don’t want to say we will never have any more children (because you just never know) but I would be fine not having to go through labor and delivery again. It is an amazing beautiful experience that really shows what our bodies are capable but I don’t feel the need to experience it any time soon!

However, the end result is THE BEST! Enjoying getting to know out precious little girl!



Hunter James: 21 Month Update

Wow! What a month! 2 MAJOR things happened in the past 30 days. One, of course, is just two days before Hunter turned 21 months he became a big brother!


I will write more about the day before and of Everly’s birth but one thing that stands out in my mind is that on Thursday night Brian gave Hunter his bath, I did the night time routine, rocking and singing to to him, laying my baby boy in his crib. The next time I saw him, Saturday late morning, he was no longer by baby, he was a big boy! He just looks HUGE to me! I am not suppose to lift anything over 15lbs. but I have had him snuggle and crawl into my lap and he just feels so heavy! It’s such a crazy transformation.


As far as how he’s doing with the change, right now I can say he seems fine. He does want to come up and see me when I am holding or nursing Everly but we can usually distract him if need be with a new toy or something else. Fortunately, before Everly’s arrival he became very attached to Brian so he is happy to hang with daddy.


Also we’ve had plenty of help from the grandparents to keep him busy. I try my hardest to spend some one on one time with him each day but honestly it doesn’t seem like enough! I was so use to giving him all my attention! He seems ok with it for right now. We are continuing to send him to daycare to keep his routine some what the same.

I remember when Hunter was born I was SUPER emotional those first few weeks. I would just look at him and start crying! I think part of this was realizing how drastically my life had changed, how  I was responsible for another human being and in a sense mourning the loss of my old life. This time around the only time I have felt weepy is when relating with Hunter. I cried the first time I saw him after giving birth. Or for another example this morning, Everly was sleeping and Brian was getting ready to take Hunter to day care. I asked him if he wanted to snuggle with mama and he crawled into my lap and said, “Songs.” Up until Thursday that was part of our morning routine. Again a few tears from me, probably just mourning the change in my relationship with him. I know with time we will all adjust to the “new normal.” Over all right now it is going well!

The other HUGE change this month is that Hunter is WALKING! He still crawls but he is more likely to walk all over! He’s not a pro or very graceful but is nice to see him developing this skill! It was also helpful during my last month of pregnancy.


Sadly I have no walking pictures of him! This was him taking all the dirty laundry out of my basket and playing in it! Too cute!

We can’t forget Hunter’s 2nd Halloween! I have to admit, doing to me being very pregnant and him just barely walking at the time we didn’t do costumes or trick or treating. We did carve pumpkins, something he didn’t seem very interest him and we went to visit Brian’s friend who decorated his house in a “Nightmare Before Christmas” theme.




He continues to be my delightful little boy, chattering from morning until night. It swill be interesting to see how his relationship with his baby sister develops. It is true what they say, the love in your heart grows as you add a child to your family but I had almost 21 months with this little man and I cherish each and every moment, even the hard ones. He might not remember being an only child but I will, and I know it just makes our relationship all the more special.

Welcome to the World Little Girl!

Our little Everly Laura was born on Friday, November 22nd at 6:32am weighing 8lbs. 8oz. and measuring 20 inches long.



Oh my goodness! There is so much to write about! This post is a little late in coming up because have simply been enjoying the new addition to our family and adjusting to having two little ones under the age of 2! I plan on writing Everly’s dramatic birth story as well as how my sweet 21 month old is feeling about being a big brother. All that and more to come! One then I can say is I can’t believe how different this experience feels than the first time around. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around it all! Stay tuned!